Potential and existing customers are telling us about the struggles they are having with their ERP, E/CTRM software and the upstream and downstream data & integration layers that are supposed to be holding the value chain together.

Before getting into in-depth interviews to listen and understand existing struggles and pain points, we ask each of the interviewees to think about the following questions before we talk in detail.

Before your existing solution stack, what tools were you using to hold your energy/commodity value chain together?

When did you realize you needed a new set of tools​ to complement your day to day work? What was going on in your world that caused you to start looking for different/better solutions?

How did you find out about the current product set you selected, and what stood out / made you interested in it?

At the time you tried your current product, what happened that made you feel certain it was the right choice?

You’ve been using the product regularly over a period of time, what's the #1 thing it doesn’t do for you?