The innovation culture & capability you need to create before applying it to your portfolio of projects in commodity management

In our discussions with over 100 Chief Technology & Chief Financial Officers in the Commodity Management space since the COVID-19 pandemic commenced, we have determined that companies face the most challenges when building the innovation culture internally. Therefore, maybe the opportunity lies in making a strong structure able to quickly adapt to changes and innovation strategy to support innovation culture.

“Innovation strategy is a set of structured activities tailored to the organisation’s future growth, in line with its innovation mission.”

“The top challenges companies face regarding corporate innovation are:

fostering an internal culture of experimentation and innovation (57%);

juggling competing for internal agendas and goals (56%);

overcoming the middle management “permafrost” layer (45%);

and moving forward despite the deferred commitment and delayed action (33%).” 

What does an innovation strategy look like?

  • An innovation strategy outlines the main initiatives you need to achieve your mission
  • A good innovation strategy is clear, simple, and easy to understand by everyone involved.
  • Getting stakeholders on board is crucial. Everybody can be aligned on the destination and directions if they all have the same map (and can read it).
  • Innovation strategies do not all follow the same pattern.

“Globally, business executives say that 40 percent of innovations over the last five years have had a positive impact on their business’s bottom line.”

Organisations have to pay more attention to maximising the return on investments. To do this properly you have to have a clear structure and more measured approach to understand the impact on the bottom line.

Are you able to answer the following 3 questions?

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • Do you know how you are going to get there?

“Avoid big failures or you’re dead. Embrace small failures or you’re dead.”

The perfect Innovation Strategy process steps…

You need a structured Innovation Capability to succeed with your Innovation strategy to ensure your future project success

Four Keys to Systemic Innovation Capability

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About the Author

Jason Novobranec is Implementary’s Chief Operating Officer.

With over 20 years of Consulting, Program Management & Senior Leadership experience, Jason has delivered initiatives for large multi-national / multi-regional organisations as well as SME’s and is an expert in shaping solutions to fit a customer’s project needs.