The real needs of CEOs when it comes to consultants

In addition to our discussions with over 100 Chief Technology & Chief Financial Officers in the Commodity Management space since the COVID-19 pandemic commenced, we also spoke with the CEOs.

Our discussions revealed their biggest priorities, challenges, where they need help, and what they look for when it comes to outside consultants.

We asked about their top priorities and challenges when it comes to commodity management and their value and supply chains; where they turn for help on key business issues; and their perspectives on strategy, management, and where to get the best use of consultants.

For CEOs, strategy and people come first… and then there’s everything else.

You need to convince CEOs that your offer makes sense. Knowing their priorities is crucial to resonating with them. We’ve provided a snapshot of some of our findings below.

Business strategy development and talent capability strategy rank highly on CEOs’ priority lists.

Leaders are expected to focus on a lot of important things. We asked, what do you consider to be your #1 priority?

Understand that strategy and talent capability are not only the two most important issues for CEOs; understand that they are inextricably interconnected. Be sure you arrive armed with knowledge and tools to help CEOs on both fronts.

CEOs are looking for more than just traditional management consulting.

It’s not common for CEOs to lack confidence. We found, however, that most people are humble enough to accept help when they need it. Throughout this section, we explain some of the issues that lead them to seek support and where to find it.

More CEOs say they need help with talent capability strategy than with business strategy.

There are few CEOs who say they do not need help with talent strategy or business strategy. 69 percent of respondents said they need assistance with their talent strategy, compared with 64 percent on their business strategy.

To what extent have you needed help with your…

Business strategies and talent capability strategies are critical to CEO success. Together, these capabilities enable CEOs to drive real business results.

When it comes to getting help with business strategy and execution, CEOs prefer new processes or playbooks.

We were curious to know where the 94 percent of CEOs who said they needed help with business strategy and execution invested their dollars. 

Roughly half invest in new processes or playbooks, and 37 percent invest in new software or systems. The good news for us consultants is that 43 percent have invested in consulting services.

When you needed help with business strategy and execution, which of the following have you invested in?

Developing proprietary playbooks, processes, and software in combination with your own knowledge and insights is a winning formula.

A final thought… 

CEOs overwhelmingly prefer management consultants who can lend expertise on the talent capability strategy front as well as give business strategy recommendations.

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Jason Novobranec is Implementary’s Chief Operating Officer.

With over 20 years of Consulting, Program Management & Senior Leadership experience, Jason has delivered initiatives for large multi-national / multi-regional organisations as well as SME’s and is an expert in shaping solutions to fit a customer’s project needs.