Commodity Management & CTRM Software Selection

In assisting our clients with Software Selection, Implementary follows a tried and tested  approach adding lessons learned from previous projects

Jason Novobranec Implementary Chief Operating Officer
Jason Novobranec

Chief Operating Officer

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We have compiled a guide to selecting CTRM and Commodity Management software, which includes:

Meetings to review market trends and discuss best practices for system implementation

An overview of relevant system providers

Lessons learned from recent implementation projects and case studies

Business requirements definition

Establish a set of requirements based on your business processes, current and future market needs, as well as our existing experience

A comprehensive list of system providers

Build a list of vendors who may be included in the RFP

Develop a long list of vendors in consultation with you in preparation for the RFP

Develop the RFP

The development of a request for proposal document for distribution to selected vendors

An all inclusive document containing all requirements (e.g. functional and technical requirements, product description, and cost estimation) will be prepared

Comparison of the offers and recommending vendors to meet

A comparison of the returned offers using our best practices for vendor selection, as well as the agreed-upon weighting system, to objectively evaluate their features and pricing

Plan meetings for demonstrating critical functionality

Preparation of questions to be asked of potential vendors during sales meetings

Vendor recommendations

The vendor feedback and end result of the sales demonstrations will be used to recommend two or three vendors for SLA and price negotiations.

Referral visits should be arranged (if necessary)

Supporting negotiation and SLAs

Ensuring everyone is on the same page when negotiating SLAs and prices

Choosing the vendor and discussing the implementation project implications

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Jason Novobranec Implementary Chief Operating Officer

Jason Novobranec

Commodity Market Advisory Expert
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