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Jason Novobranec Implementary Chief Operating Officer
Jason Novobranec

Chief Operating Officer

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Implementary provides a full range of strategic commodities trading services to adapt to changing market demands as a subject matter expert in the sector

We assist our clients in transforming their business models and implementing changes to their organisation in order to exploit opportunities offered by changing market conditions

As a result, our clients must often take advantage of the possibilities created by “digitalisation”

We are helping some of our clients assess quantitative  valuation models to enhance their ability to steer trading activities

Models for hedging/risk steering, lock-in of originated value as a hedging strategy and transfer price models are solutions that can be developed

We are helping our clients to digitalise trading and risk measurements, reporting, and valuation processes, using the capabilities of new IT solutions (Business Intelligence, ERP, Integration, Automation) to set up new models

In its benchmarking and transformation approach, Implementary combines best practices from various industry segments and covers all relevant aspects of  trading and risk management services

Perform an analysis of the trading unit from all perspectives, including risk management through interviews, deep dives, and documentation

Our global resources provide qualitative and quantitative information on the consistency and maturity of all dimensions compared to industry best practices and peers

Establishing target states of maturity for each aspect of the trading unit

Comparison of actual and target maturity levels

A detailed analysis of each dimension can be used to identify specific actions to take

Provide recommendations for each finding and clustering so that several packages can be implemented

Establish a road map that is based on feasibility, cost, and criticality

Identify and develop appropriate solutions to address the problems and improve the trading unit

Putting into practice the actions developed

Implementary’s commodity trading & risk management team provides highly relevant expertise to our Due Diligence services within the commodity sector

We are able to offer our financial and commercial due diligence services for commodities intensive industries thanks to the expertise and industry knowledge gained from serving the risks, control and commercial functions of our commodity clients

Effects of commodity trading on reported financials

Expertise in hedging commodities and the related accounting treatment

Reconciliation of the impact of commodity transactions on the commercial, accounting, and accrual side

Analysing reported financials and assessing pricing scenarios based on key performance indicators

Review of the organisational arrangements for trading and risk management

Assessment of organisational structure, processes and IT systems against industry best practices

Evaluation and identification of weak points within the trading and risk management processes

Assessment of key risk and performance drivers in commodity businesses

A data-driven approach to analysing trading patterns

Knowledge of best practices in assessing and quantifying risks associated with commodity businesses in terms of market, credit, and liquidity

Capital requirements and valuation of commodity contracts

Assessment of forward price curves and valuation of trading contracts

Valuing structured contracts according to industry practices

Calculating valuation adjustments and capital requirements according to best practices

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Jason Novobranec Implementary Chief Operating Officer

Jason Novobranec

Commodity Market Advisory Expert
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