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Jason Novobranec Implementary Chief Operating Officer
Jason Novobranec

Chief Operating Officer

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You should design your M&A strategy as part of your growth strategy and as a disciplined and repeatable framework to support frequent, larger deals

Develop a model that can be repeated

Develop an M&A strategy based on frequency, size and timing of transactions, and put in place processes and people that support consistent deals

Take a look at the big picture

Align your M&A strategy with your overall strategy, determine where to invest and divest, and set priorities based on your aspirations

Enhance critical capabilities

Create a full list of target companies, a screening framework, an M&A roadmap and a plan to approach the targets

Risk and safety should be re-evaluated

Scale versus scope – understand the reality and learn why scale is not always safe and scope is not necessarily risky

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Jason Novobranec Implementary Chief Operating Officer

Jason Novobranec

Commodity Market Advisory Expert
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