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“How does my organisation compare with others?” is the question everyone wants to answer

Proprietary research has many benefits

Conducting proprietary research allows you to obtain special information that your competitors can’t. We are well-experienced and possess the skills to assist you because we acquire useful information. The provision of general problem-solving information is good, but laser-focused research findings are better

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Companies that build something unique can prevent larger players from catching on, replicating their ideas and pushing them out of the market

Create your own proprietary research dataset, a distinction you will gain because you did things differently

Find success by taking action

We will work closely with you to ensure your research collection model is effective

We do not rely on your organization to complete a self-assessment to aggregate data. Whenever people evaluate themselves, results tend to skew. Imagine it this way: Aptitude tests don’t ask students whether they can perform spatial reasoning; they make them prove that they know it. In order to serve our clients, we use the same logic and method in all of our research projects

Your organisation’s business model should dictate your approach to research. We will make sure that the research is done in an intentionally systematic manner and that the right people are involved in it to make the best decision

Build an experienced team as a priority

The platforms for building data sets do not have to be created from scratch, and community data frameworks are available. Engineers and machine-learning teams can actually be extremely lean when it comes to managing information, which means that younger engineers may require more experience to understand how to handle large datasets in an ethical and equitable way

Investment into a high-quality, experienced data team that has expanded over decades of technological development is necessary to reduce unknown errors in the long-term output of data

When companies implement these steps into their research, they can do it in a way that gives them credibility and provides them with differentiation in their markets

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Jason Novobranec Implementary Chief Operating Officer

Jason Novobranec

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