The Right Software Selection Initiative: Designed for Commodity & Energy Leaders Looking The Right ERP & CTRM Fit For Their Organisation

Only 30% of ERP and CTRM digital transformation projects succeed. You can dramatically increase that chance if you bridge the gap between Corporate Strategy & How You Purchase Tools To Enable Your Business.

The Right Software Selection Initiative has been created by Implementary to improve the experience organisations have when going to market to acquire new technology or upgrade their existing ERP and CTRM application stacks. 

The initiative is a collection of Boutique Consulting Firms that specialise in commodities and energy, and have committed to our guiding standards on how to best assist commodity and energy organisations to select the best technology to enable their end-to-end Value Chain.

Our Initiative Champions have agreed to use a tested and proven method to get you to where you need to be. We will start to introduce you to our network of like-minded partners over the coming weeks, if you would like to join the Right Software Selection Initiative please send us your details via the registration form below.

ERP & CTRM Transformation Strategy & Clear Software Selection Path Dictates Your Success

Companies that implement a good roadmap, customised to their strengths and weaknesses succeed >80% of the time.

If your leadership team follows the Roadmap we’ve created, defeating behaviours won’t creep into your transformation efforts.

Low aspiration & unconvincing change narrative

Success Rate 30%

Follow Strategy & Execution Roadmap

Success Rate > 80%

Critical Success Factors

Lack of Executive Management Support & Stakeholder Commitment


of CEO’s we have talked to and worked with say their organisations failed to achieve anticipated value from previous initiatives due to a lack of these elements.

Underestimate Target Operating Model Complexity


underestimate the significance of operating model changes necessary to affect a program of this complexity.

Are far too influenced & led by Information Technology


of CEO’s say their organisations’ legacy technology/systems are a barrier to success. Programs that begin with a specific technology (rather than with strategic objectives) are twice as likely to fail.

Struggle to reach consensus decisions & find it hard to drive cultural change


of executives say their existing organisational culture is a barrier to successful execution.

Lack Innovation Capability


of executives say their organisations are incapable of implementing formal innovation processes, management, and budgets.

Ignore or aren't aware of Industrialised Best Practice

Only 17%

say their organisations are highly capable of executing an implementation plan to build and operationalise a new target operating model.

What is the Right Software Selection Initiative? We are a collection of like-minded consultancies that commit to taking commodities and energy organisations on a transparent and successful ERP and CTRM software selection journey.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from commodities and energy organisations is that they often do not believe that they achieve an acceptable Return on Investment or Lack of Promised Functionality from their software purchases & implementations.

A selection process can often be an emotional and frustrating one.  Organisations invest significant amounts of time and energy into their go-to-market and selection processes. One of the key reasons why we have launched this Initiative is because most of the companies who are struggling in this space are either following antiquated procurement processes or are not really sure how best to start in the first place… but still, go ahead and dive in blindly

Challenges in the current climate also require slightly different approaches than what people have been used to in the past. 

We know providing a great go-to-market and selection experience helps organisations get the right results, and creates and maintains an excellent reputation, where clients stay as customers and additionally become advocates for our organisation and our group of co-operative consultancies. 

If you are interested in joining the Right Software Selection Initiative or if you are a commodity or energy organisation that needs assistance please feel free to contact us.

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