Digital Transformation Roadmap: Designed for Commodity & Energy Leaders

Only 30% of digital transformations succeed. You can dramatically increase that chance if you bridge the gap between Strategy & Execution.

A Digital Transformation Roadmap Designed for Commodity & Energy Leaders

How well do you think your organisation handles the gap between Digital Transformation Strategy & Execution?

Having reviewed a lot of client digital transformation strategy documents, I think a lot of firms are making a simple mistake.

Setting up a strategy is not just about the potential outcomes and objectives – sure, we have to identify the strategic target end state, and it’s important. But we also need to think about proximate strategic objectives too.

Many digital transformation strategies have an execution gap – which is really another way of saying that they failed to properly scope the problem in the first place.

If you have a digital transformation strategy but you don’t know how to execute it, there’s a problem. Your strategy started in the wrong place.

There’s no point in building a strategy to leverage a new ERP or to improve your Commodity Value Chain if your team lacks the capability to execute today.

Your strategy needs to start by fixing the capability gap, then build toward the future state.

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